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Park Village Auctions primarily disposes of the following types of assets:

  • Passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Property
  • Mining equipment
  • Agricultural assets
  • Collectable motor vehicles
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Loose assets
  • Aircraft
  • Livestock
  • Yellow metal
  • Machinery
  • Boats
  • Construction equipment

Specialised Services

In addition to the ordinary course of business, we can:

  • Provide accurate testimony in defended and undefended matters
  • Provide assessments prior to institutional advice being granted
  • Assist liquidators with inventory valuations and the structuring of special and notarial bonds and asset disposals
  • Provide advice on asset stripping, downsizing and restructuring of inventories and other vital issues

Ancillary Services

Business Rescue:

Park Village Auctions recently opened a new business rescue division which specialises in selling businesses experiencing difficulties. Most businesses sold under this banner simply require a capital injection or restructuring in order to continue operating and therefore represent a great opportunity for investors.

Asset Storage:

Modern, company owned warehouses in every region enable us to store assets on behalf of financial institutions, trustees, liquidators, logistics entities and government departments.

Pallet Storage:

In keeping with our forward thinking nature, we recently expanded our services and now offer affordable storage solutions to private individuals and companies alike. Those in need of such services can store their goods securely at our convenient pallet based storage facilities.

Asset Management & Logistics:

Regional warehouses, our own modern fleet and the development of an industry leading tracking tool named ‘Synergy’ set us apart. As is to be expected, our asset processing system is also highly sophisticated. Upon submission, all details of an asset are captured, following which it is tracked and allocated to a 24/7 monitored storage area.

Private Property Auctions & Sales:

Our property division specialises in the valuation and disposal of private properties across the spectrum and offers a number of related services. None of our staff members are directly or indirectly connected with liquidators, financial institutions or trustees.