Sell your equipment with Park Village Auctions

Selling equipment can be a daunting task and expensive venture with additional advertising expenditures. Park Village Auctions is the ultimate solution in assisting you in disposing of your asset.

The versatility of the auctioning process at Park Village Auctions caters to a variety of contexts and industries.

Selling Warehouse, Industrial and Engineering Assets:

Equipment is a vital component in the ordinary course of operating activities of the business. However, strategic transformations are sometimes necessary for structural changes in the business. These include disposing assets for increased capital and investment opportunities elsewhere.

Park Village Auctions assists sellers disposing of warehouse equipment such as forklifts for auction, machinery for auction and related equipment.

The auctioning process also paves the way for selling Industrial Equipment which includes rigging equipment, plant equipment for auction and workshop machinery as well as woodworking machinery.

Engineering supplies such as drafting equipment, blueprint storage and other accessorised engineering equipment should be functional and cost-effective.

Agricultural equipment requires reputable buyers and sellers in the agricultural industry on an appropriate platform to buy and sell their equipment. Successful farming implementations are largely dependent on equipment that has durable and long term qualities for the harshest terrains and environments.

In addition to the above industries that Park Village Auctions caters for, auctioning also takes into consideration for: Trucks and Trailers, Vehicles for Auctions as well as Property Auctioning.