Sell your Assets

Sell Your Assets

Eight reasons to sell your asset at auction.


No safety risks

Avoid any interaction with the unscrupulous buyers or dangerous criminals


Guaranteed payment

If your asset is sold, payment will be processed quickly and conveniently.


Exceed the asking price

Selling on auction often results in successful bids above your reserve price.


A captive market

Our weekly auctions always attract a large crowd of serious buyers.


Extensive advertising

We advertise your asset across our entire database, and throughout the press & web.


Simple process

Our team of experts will assist you with everything from beginning to end.


Online auctions

Reach thousands of potential bidders with our innovative online auctions.


Park Village’s name

PVA has built a reputation for conducting the biggest & best auctions in S.A.

Truck and Vehicles:

Every year, we auction thousands of vehicles ranging from luxury SUVs, executive passenger sedans and superbikes to salvaged cars, commercial vehicles and everything in between. Over the years we have specialised in auctioning genuine repossessed vehicles which are auctioned from our dedicated auction centres.


Our dedicated and experienced property experts are registered as professional valuers with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP) and are recognised appraisers to the High Court. Backed by these credentials, we valuate and dispose of properties across the board including commercial and industrial, agricultural, deceased, insolvent, sectional title and sequestrated estates.

Warehouse, Industrial and Engineering Assets:

Over the years, we have auctioned warehouse, auctioned industrial and auctioned engineering assets on behalf of some of South Africa’s largest commercial entities and have handled some of the most prominent disposals to date. This division has earned the respect of the industry and public and consistently attracts repeat business. The division has also forged strong international relations which greatly improves the success rate of such auctions.

Strategy and Marketing:

We pride ourselves on our strategic planning and marketing capabilities. Clients are provided with accurate, market-related appraisals by our in-house appraisals team. Customised strategies backed by effective tried and tested marketing and sales methodologies are then implemented to achieve maximum market specific exposure for each disposal. The auction is also professionally managed, thereby ensuring the best possible results.

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