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Do you only sell your properties on auction?

No, we have a list on the website where properties are for sale.

How do I know what is on auction?

We provide a buyer’s catalogue before the auction. Catalogues are linked to every advert on our website.

Can I view the lot I want to buy before the auction?

Yes, usually we allow viewing the day before the auction. Contact PVA in for more information about the viewing sites and times.

I have paid the deposit on the day of the auction, but I haven’t bought anything. Is my deposit refundable?

Yes, if you have made no purchases the deposit will be refunded.

Is the buyer’s deposit the same for all auctions?

No, the amount changes per auction and is done to the discretion of the auction house.

What happens if I have buyer’s remorse, after making a successful bid?

Buyer’s remorse is handled at the discretion of the auctioneer. The bidder can lose his deposit if he does not follow through with his purchase.

Are there any guarantees on cars of properties sold on auction, or is everything “voetstoots”?

Everything at an auction is sold “voetstoots”, which means the property or vehicle are sold without warranties. It is the buyer’s responsibility to do his homework and inspect the vehicle or property, before placing a bid.

Can I send someone to bid on my behalf if I want to buy something, but can’t make it in person?

You may send someone to bid on your behalf, but you are still responsible for payment.

There are so many charlatans in the auction industry. How do I know PVA is a reputable company?

Park Village lives by its slogan “Trusted by banks respected by buyers”. We are a member of the Institute of Estate Agents, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Johannesburg, the National Auctioneers Association and the South African Institute of Auctioneers.

Does PVA charge any commission on the property that they sell?

Buyer’s commission are charged on liquidated and insolvent estate matters, but only on the instructions of the bondholder and/or Liquidator/Trustee.