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If your bid is successful you need to report to the registration office with your number (which is a receipt for your purchase). An invoice is printed stating the amount due.

This is subject to your bid not being Subject to Confirmation (STC) –in which case the banks need to confirm or reject the price.

STC means your bid has a restriction and the bank needs to confirm your achieved price first. Once this has been confirmed, you can pay for your vehicle.

If there was a STC on the asset, Park Village Auctions (PVA) will contact the buyer, once approval is received from the bank. PVA goes out of their way to complete this process as soon as possible.

No vehicles are released on auction day. Buyers have two days after the auction to arrange change of ownership, payment and for collection of their car.

A documentation fee is payable upon the execution of a successful bid.

PVA accepts EFTs, bank guaranteed cheques made out to Park Village Auctions, or cash, which must be deposited into our bank account. Please note that banks charge a 1.5% cash handling fee.

Once the deposit is made, return to the auction site with the stamped bank deposit slip as proof of payment.

Finance can be arranged for vehicles. Auctions are also attended by various finance houses. Consult with them to arrange the deal that best suits you.

For any enquiries, contact your nearest PVA branch, who will gladly answer your questions.