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Everything you need to know when selling your car with us

Everything you need to know when selling your car with us

What we require when delivering your vehicle for auction?

Vehicles still under finance require:

  • A certified copy of your ID.
  • An original DEKRA report (Multi-Point check). Visit or tel: 08610dekra.
  • A Bank Settlement letter – no older than 7 days.
  • Your bank account number and branch code.

Unencumbered vehicles require:

  • A certified copy of your ID.
  • Completed change of ownership forms (We supply these).
  • Original NATIS document.
  • An original DEKRA report (Multi-Point check). Visit or tel: 08610dekra.
  • Your bank account number and branch code.

What does it cost to sell on auction?

  • Vehicle admission fee R250.00.
  • Mini Valet R250.00 (optional).
  • If vehicle is still under finance an administration fee of R1500.00 will be charged once the vehicle is sold and paid for.
  • If you reserve price is not obtained on the first auction we will put your vehicle on one more auction, without having to pay an additional admission fee.

Vehicle Safety

  • Vehicles are under 24 hour camera surveillance.
  • Security on site 24/7.
  • Vehicles are kept under roof.
  • Keys and vehicles are not kept together.
  • No test drives are permitted, and vehicle movement is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Your vehicle will only be started on auction day by authorised personnel, no member of the public will have access to the keys.

How it works

  1. Drop off your vehicle 4 or 5 days prior to auction.
  2. Complete a few simple forms, pay the “vehicle admission fee” you will receive a receipt and a copy of the seller’s terms and conditions.
  3. Once checked in, your vehicle goes for a valet (if requested) and is then parked in a designation bay.
  4. An info sheet containing the vehicle details and any other relevant information is drawn up and placed on the windscreen for prospective buyers to view.
  5. A photograph and description of your vehicle is uploaded onto the internet.
  6. The day prior to auction is viewing day, giving buyers the opportunity to look your vehicle over.
  7. The big day has arrived – your vehicle has been prepared, advertised, viewed and is now ready to be sold to the highest bidder.
  8. Your reserve price or higher has been met and your vehicle has been sold.
  9. Payment to your account is made very soon after collection/payment by the new owner. (Cash buyers have 2 days to pay and collect, finance deals can take approximately 10 days)

Extra tips and info

  • A clean car always gives a better impression, especially a clean engine, this will definitely add value and make for an easier and quicker sale.
  • Reserve prices can be trickey, a guideline is to work around the Trade value of the vehicle adding or deducting to that value things like overall condition, age, mileage, factory extra’s, previous accident damage etc. all this will influence the value.
  • Do not factor VAT into your reserve price, private sellers are not VAT vendors and can not charge VAT.
  • DEKRA report (previously known as the AA report), this is the technical inspection of your vehicle and is displayed on the windscreen.
  • As vehicles are not taken for “test drives” the DEKRA “Multi-Point check” aids prospective buyers in their decision making and keeps the process honest, fair and transparent.