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Sell your equipment with Park Village Auctions

Selling equipment can be a daunting task and expensive venture with additional advertising expenditures. Park Village Auctions is the ultimate solution in assisting you in disposing of your asset.

The versatility of the auctioning process at Park Village Auctions caters to a variety of contexts and industries.

Selling Warehouse, Industrial and Engineering Assets:

Equipment is a vital component in the ordinary course of operating activities of the business. However, strategic transformations are sometimes necessary for structural changes in the business. These include disposing assets for increased capital and investment opportunities elsewhere.

Park Village Auctions assists sellers disposing of warehouse equipment such as forklifts for auction, machinery for auction and related equipment.

The auctioning process also paves the way for selling Industrial Equipment which includes rigging equipment, plant equipment for auction and workshop machinery as well as woodworking machinery.

Engineering supplies such as drafting equipment, blueprint storage and other accessorised engineering equipment should be functional and cost-effective.

Agricultural equipment requires reputable buyers and sellers in the agricultural industry on an appropriate platform to buy and sell their equipment. Successful farming implementations are largely dependent on equipment that has durable and long term qualities for the harshest terrains and environments.

In addition to the above industries that Park Village Auctions caters for, auctioning also takes into consideration for: Trucks and Trailers, Vehicles for Auctions as well as Property Auctioning.


Stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the auction industry.

Ancillary Services

Auctions from Park Village Auctions create competitive advantages in terms of selling an asset. We recognised the need for value adding services for our clients with additional business services.

The market is ever changing and incredibly volatile. Definitive contributory services from Park Village Auctions include the following:

Business Rescue: Unexpected changes occur on a frequent basis. Issues such as capital injection and restructuring consulting enhances investor confidence

Asset Storage: Park Village Auctions business processes are exclusively dedicated to partnering with key role players such as financial institutions, trustees, liquidators, logistics entities and government departments.

It is also important to note that Park Village Auctions are affiliated with institutions directly involved in the auctioning processes within South Africa. Compliance and strict regulations are effectively followed to bring our clients value for their money. For an in-depth instructional guide on the bidding process, please view the “Rules of Auction” tab.

Pallet Storage: Security is a priority for all business owners. Park Village Auctions also extends storage facilities for private institutions and individuals at pallet based storage facilities. Rest assured that the storage facilities are designed to accommodate for the industry specific equipment.

Asset Management and Logistics:  Integration is taken to new heights with a tracking tool that Park Village Auctions has developed. The “Synergy” tool is developed for regional warehouses and modern fleet development.

Park Village Auctions is continuously growing in leaps and bounds by creating indistinguishable bidding and auctioning divisions.

Contact Park Village Auctions for more information regarding our extensive range of ancillary services.